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Kapok blooming festival is yearly organized during the end of January and the beginning of February. It has been carry on for five days  at Don Sao Island, Ton Peung district. This island situates in the middle of the Mekong river, and  there are many kapok trees standing on it. So, it becomes a nice place to hold the festival while the kapok flowers are blooming and shining the red outstanding color covers the island. The purpose of the event organization is to conserve the kapok the wild kapok trees and the impressive Lao tradition and culture especially people in Ton Peung district as well. The activities organized are: miss kapok flower contest, Lao folk dance, art performance from the villages around, the products exhibition and the sport competitions. 
Kapok blooming festival
Ethnic festival is normally organized about one time in three or four years round for the purpose of promoting  and preserving the unique custom, tradition to hand down to the next generation. On the other hand, is to promote the tourism sector in the province. This festival occurs during April ( During Lao new year festival ). We celebrate for three days as well as the trade fair, concert, arts performance and marching of the different groups of people by wearing their own uniforms and ethnic costumes. 
Ethnic festival
Kapok Flower Blooming Festival on Donsao Island