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The Story of Pha Houng ( Mountain of Eagle )

Long ago before rocks were formed on the earth, near the Nam Nyon stream lived two gigantic eagles. They lived as husband and wife, sitting perched on the mountain where they could watch their prey from above, and easily swoop down
clutch whatever kind of meat they preferred; sometimes they even ate humans, and they delighted in cruelty, perverting their instincts to the thrill of the hunt. They reigned terror from the skies on all those in the valley below.

The Arch Angel had many times warned them that they must cease their aggressive behavior, but the two giant eagles refused to listen at all. This angered the Arch Angel, cursing the eagles by turning them to stone. The two giant stone eagles remained fixed on their perch on top of the mountain and were easy to make out their shapes when looking up from the valley below. The mountain was then called Phou Pha Houng (meaning Mountain, cliff, eagle) or Eagle Mountain. Even after they became solid stone forms perched on the top of the mountain their spirits continued their aggressive behavior.  When they were hungry, local people would hear the sound of the eagles’ spirits shouting and wailing for food, while only their stone heads could sway and spin. This still caused terror, because when the swaying head came to rest, all people in the
direction it faced died, and animals would run away. The Arch Angel was so angered at this that a violent storm was sent and a bolt of lightning struck the male eagle causing him to fall, shattered into pieces before resting at the foot of the mountain.All that
remains is the female eagle, hanging on the cliff face, eternally lonely for her husband. Since the storm destroyed her husband, no aggression has come from her spirit, and the people lived without fear. Looking at the Phou Pha Houng mountain from Ban Panna Neua, you can see her form sadly perched at the peak.