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Phou Chang Spring Water
Namlod Phouchang Chiangtong ( Phouchang Spring Water ) is a new tourist
attraction in Bokeo province. It is located in Chiangtong village, Paktha district, to
the south about 85 kilometers  from Huayxai. We can access to the site by two
ways in option such as:

1. By car: Driving on the road through Paktha towards Koneteun village then
crossing the Mekong river by ferry and continue about 15 kilometers to
Namlod Phouchang Chiangtong.

2. By  Boat: we can take public slow and speed boat (the route from Huayxai to
Pakbeng ) after that, getting off at Koneteun village and ride on to the site by

      This attraction enriches  with the beautiful nature, blending with ethnic
culture and surrounded with historical tourist sites. It has been developed
since 2015,  the area consists of guest house, restaurant, relaxing platforms,
natural swimming pool (natural stream) ready to serve Lao and foreign visitors.
Besides, there are many activities providing for people especially who prefer
adventurous tour like: zip line, rock climbing, trekking, rope bridge and caving
tour which is related to Lao history. Inside the cave decorated with beautiful
stalactite formations in different patterns that looks impressive.

      The highlighted spot of this site is the cool, clean and clear spring water
flows out from the foothill one can use for ablution or swim to relief oneself 
from stuffy  weather. There are also small huts for personal sitting, relaxing or
picnic with friends and family.

      It is still a place where the Hmong New Year is held in order to sustainably
preserve tradition, culture of Hmong ethnic minority such as Boun Kin Chiang (
Hmong New Year ) that yearly organized from the late of January to the
beginning of February, the competitions like : football, cow fighting, top
spinning, Mark Khone throwing ( a tennis ball throwing to each other for
showing love to each other ) and another Hmong ethnic rituals are shown as

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