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The Gibbon Experience
The Gibbon experience
Laos' most sought-after adventure takes you to tree-top accommodation in the Nam Kan NPA, and a network of canopy zip-lines for an aerial opportunity to spot rare black-cheeked crested gibbons. Tours start at Ban Don Chai with a one-hour walk to semi-private tree houses, "hides" for watching forest canopy wildlife, and access to nature trails and the zip-line highway.
The two day Classic The Gibbon experience: provides canopy accommodation for small groups. Local guides are on hand for zip-line and short hikes as well as to serve fire-cooked meals and snacks.
The three day waterfull The Gibbon experience: with three hours of hiking per, day, spends one night in a tree house at a waterfall swimming hole, and the other in canopy accommodation with views overlooking river valleys and mountain tops.
Factoid: Surveys in the 20 km Nam Kan Valley within the Nam Kan NPA have found nine troupes of the endangered black-cheeked crested gibbon.
Booking: Contact the Gibbon Experience at their Houei Xai office on the main road across from the BCEL ATM.
The Gibbon Experience Official Video