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Department of information, Culture and Tourism; Tourism Division located in : Huay Xai neua village, Huay Xai District, Bokeo province, Laos
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Three Days Tour
Visit the Gibbon Experience for a truly memorable two nights in Bokeo. Options include easy walking of only an hour or so, and more serious jungle trekking for 2 - 3 hours a day along the Nam Nga River.
The Gibbon Experience is an innovative forest and wildlife conservation project channeling
income from an ecotourism enterprise into a comprehensive program of locally-run natural
resources management.
You will sleep in beautiful treetop bungalows and can explore the forest canopy using
a network of ziplines, searching for rare and precious animal populations. Group sizes are
limited so booking in advance is advised.
If you wish to arrange independent trekking through the Nam Kan National Protected
Area, please speak with Tourism Information staff. Trekking alone is dangerous and has
limited benefits, and many potential risks, to local communities and the environment.
We encourage you to take a local guide on any trekking trips.